spotkania z sąsiadami spotkania z sąsiadami




Since the beginning, this decade has been hard on us. It hasn’t been easy lately (and sorry for the euphemism), but together we are stronger!
As a team, we will not give up! So let’s meet without moaning, but with a huge grin and an open heart to others, whoever they be. We are living in a global village, we are all neighbours – and it’s better to keep the neighbourhood in kindness and peace.

We invite all our neighbours for meetings, workshops, concerts, parties, barbecues, trips, or any kind of spending enjoyable time together.


As hosts,  we remember to take care of our guests’ comfort. Let’s not make them feel uneasy, and let us ensure the possibility to communicate freely.

As guests, let’s participate actively in events, let’s help the hosts in organizing them, and let’s do our best!

See you,

your Neighbours! 

grupa ldzi wspierająca wspólna inicjatywę

Join us!

Our net brings together people, places, and initiatives willing to social and cultural integration, and following that idea, we will decide on joining your resources in 🙂
The motto, that stands behind the Neighbourhood Meetings: “Let’s meet, get to know each other, and be together”. Please try to organize your events, so that they are open to people from all cultures and speaking all languages.
Support the Neighbourhood Meetings – declare your commitment and we will help you find people, places and events in your surroundings 🙂 When joining, please remember that the idea of meetings is the integration and making friends, be open to others and help us avoid tensions and misunderstandings between people.

Spotkania z Sąsiadami

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